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LED High Efficiency Lighting

Above lights: Offering the Worlds Most High Efficient LED Lighting Solutions

Above Lights was founded by individuals with a vision to make LEDs a viable, energy efficient lighting alternative. Our staff is composed of professional engineers with extensive background in numerous LED related fields. In our research and development division, in addition to our LED experts, we have engineers that specialize in material science and thermal management, power driver circuitry and optical design. Our combined experience in these fields gives us the leading edge over our competition in creating solutions with the highest level of performance. We are constantly innovating and looking for ways to maximize efficiency, lower costs and increase reliability to put LEDs at the top of its game.

On our production and operations side, our mass production expertise in process control and lean manufacturing provide for competitive cost structures. Our products are not the lowest priced solutions; however, unlike many LED luminaire suppliers in operation today, we have years of experience in reliability and life cycle testing and have positioned that as a cornerstone of our design and production philosophy. We have a continuous improvement manufacturing process in place and test individual components to help us develop products with lower light loss and longer life. Our LED tubes are guaranteed to save you money compared to standard fluorescent and metal halide lamps, you can count on a quick return on investment and better light quality than your existing lighting system.

Above Lights Operation and Vision for the Future

Our optical design team in sunny Southern California develops products based on lighting standards for the North American market and our power electronics design team and internal laboratory in Japan handles power driver development and reliability testing. Our manufacturing facilities in China as of 2012 are capable of producing 1.2 million 4ft equivalent T8 tubes annually and ship our products to the Japanese, Western European and North American markets. With the continued support of our US customers, we hope to establish a manufacturing facility in the US in the near future.