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RefPlus Refrigeration Equipment

RefPlusRefPlus manufactures a complete line of DX refrigeration systems, CO2 evaporators and CO2 gas coolers as well as precision cooling equipment for server rooms, data rooms and control rooms. RefPlus is a leading supplier of customized products for all refrigeration applications. Our team of engineers and technicians are the best in the field and design the most efficient products tailored for each specific needs.

All our products are sold across North America and are used in a multitude of applications in the food service, food retail, various industrial markets, arenas and other markets. Some of our clients include Pro Flowers, Flying Food Group, Sky Chef, DO & Company and NASA.

Our product line consists of but not limited to Evaporators, Condensing Units, Compressor Racks, Air Cooled Condensers, Heat Reclaim Units & Coils, Fluid Coolers, Air Handlers, Ice Rink Dehumidification and Free Standing Custom Coils.

RefPlus' North American distribution network of wholesalers, OEM and large end-users supported by our manufacturer's representatives, provide quality application engineering and after-sales support.

Only the best quality materials and components (UL Listed or Recognized, ETL Listed and/or CSA Certified) are used in RefPlus' products. This, combined with design expertise spanning over 30 years, establishes a vigorous standard of continuously producing high-quality solutions for its clients. RefPlus also invests heavily in Research & Development in its quest for new products and constant quality improvement.